What does it mean to renew or rollover your cash advance?

Have you become the holder of the cash advance and experience difficulties repaying your short-term loan? What can we offer you to do? Here you are going to find out which ways can be offered you to solve your financial problems.

Can you renew or rollover you payday cash advance?

Usually customers are afraid of such words like "renewing" or "rolling over" a payday cash loan because they don't know what they mean. Generally, your payday loan lender can offer you to pay a definite fee in order to delay your cash advance repayment term.

How to calculate the fee for the rolling over the loan?

The amount of fee that you need to pay may vary in different lending companies. You should understand that this fee doesn't influence the amount you must repay, it can't decrease it. As a rule there can be limitations to the number of rollovers. It depends on the law of the state you are going to renew the payday loan. For instance, if you roll over a $500 loan with a $55 fee 3 times before repaying the payday cash advance, you will pay $55 fee for four times and you will still have to repay the amount of your borrowed $500.

When do you need to use the option of rollover the payday cash advance?

We can offer you the variant of renewing or rolling over your payday loan only in case you have some unexpected financial difficulties that prevent you from repaying the full amount of your short-term loan. As you can see it is not very good to pay extra money but in comparison with the consequences of non-repayment of your cash advance on the due date it is the best way to avoid unpleasant situations.

How can you renew your payday cash advance period?

We have developed the convenient system of renewing the loan if you can't pay it back on time. All our borrowers have to be registered at our website where you have your own cabinet. After entering your own user name and password you can monitor your payday loans. There are several steps you need to take if you want to rollover or renew your cash advance online. They are the following:

  • Enter our website and sign in.
  • Then enter your user name and your password.
  • Check your user account.
  • Look for the list of active loans where you can find your current payday cash advance.
  • If you have more than one loan at a time you can choose to renew all items at once, to do this you need just to click the button "Renew All".
  • If you have more than one loan but you need to renew the loan period of only one of them you can choose the other option which allows to select and mark the relevant item and use the button "Renew Selected".
  • You will be able to see the new dates of due dates of your loan's repayment displayed in your account.
  • To check on the current due dates you should reload and sign in again.

Is there an option of automatic renewal of our cash advance?

Our lending company offers cash advance loans renewal service only if you agree to rollover your payday loan. There is no automatic renewal of cash advance loan. You should remember that responsible lenders always take care of their customers and meet their needs and wants informing them about all special offers and the situation with the cash advance. You can have automatic options only if you apply for them and confirm your wish to have them.

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