How do lead generators collect your information when you apply for a payday loan?

There are a great number of lending companies that have websites advertising payday loans online. However, most of them are not direct lenders.

Who is a "lead generator"?

So-called lead generators are the businesses which earn money primarily by finding clients for lenders. But you shouldn't depend on the lead generator or a go-between company in other words to shop around for the best deal for your current situation. There are a lot of disadvantages to work with lead generators and here we are going to look at them closer.

What is the principle of work of lead generators?

There is a definite scheme of work which include the following stages:

  1. Lead generators will collect your information (your Social Security, checking account numbers ).
  2. And then they will send your payday loan.request to a network of lenders.
  3. Your application will be sold to the lender who offers to make you a loan.

Though the lead generator promises to find you the most beneficial terms of getting payday advance online, it doesn't mean that the other lenders who have got your information won't call or email you.

How to get the cheapest payday loan?

To get the best possible payday loan it is not obligatory to turn to lead generators. We are your direct payday lender who is going to look for the best possible option which will be suitable for your financial situation. In comparison with the lead generators we have lower interest rates and the annual percentage rate. It happens because they are not an actual lender and the go-between companies have higher percentage rate because they take money for their part of work.

This is one of the most important disadvantage of the lead generators.

Why is it always better to choose the direct loan lender?

The direct lending services offer a lot of benefits for both customers: those who have already borrowed money from us and our new clients. Contacting your direct lender gives you the possibility to get the professional consultation.concerning applying for our payday loan.

Let's consider the main advantages of choosing the direct lender:

  1. Instant Approval (there is no need to wait until the actual lender agrees to work with you ,this gives a possibility to give an answer in about 15 minutes.
  2. Quick money transfer ( You should have your current banking account in order to get money there).
  3. Protection and confidence. ( If you are our customer then your personal information is being protected with the help of encrypted pages).

Is the cost of the payday loan equal for bad and good borrowers?

The reply to this question will be positive. The cost of your payday loan doesn't depend on your credit history at all. We don't have credit checks and trust you in your promise to repay the payday loan: your borrowed amount of money plus interest which can be calculated at our website. Don't hesitate to ask our representative to answer all your questions concerning the amount of money you will need to repay on the due date which will be stated in the agreement.

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